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Don’t be Teflon in Your Business…Be a Grease Trap!

Deana explains how businesses often act like Teflon, letting people who are interested just slide right off their radar and how they should instead act like a grease trap, straining all the people who show an interest in their products or services and leading them through a funnel where they can continue to give them great content and lead them into being a member of their tribe – or loyal customer.

What We Can Learn from Slime

Cheyenne discusses the slime craze and how it relates to your business.

We can learn so much from kids! They know, seemingly instinctively, how to interact with each other through social media, how to build a list, and create great content.

Learn from these lessons and start to do the same for your business because if you don’t your business will most likely suffer.
Case in point, slime thrives and grows while Toys R Us goes out of business. It’s not too late, start putting out great content and building your following today!

Quick Tip for Coffee Shops

Deana tells coffee shops how they can automate giving out the wifi password, while also building a list of customers. Customer lists are GOLD! So, don’t miss this tip!

Are You Marketing Like It’s 2019?

Are you still marketing like it’s 1999? It’s time to update your marketing. Deana tells you how to get started.

In this video Deana discusses marketing and technology trends from the 1990’s to today. Discussing how marketing has changed with technology and how some businesses are getting left behind by not moving their marketing into the digital era.

Restaurant Marketing V2

In this video Deana goes over how you can market your restaurant online and actually see how much of a return you are getting on a specific campaign.

What Do You Stand For?

Cheyenne talks about how Steve Jobs changed the face of Apple by marketing their values and beliefs. What do you stand for? What are your values? Because that’s what you need to market to find and create your loyal tribe of followers/customers.

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The Importance of Lead Nurturing

Cheyenne discusses lead nurturing and how you can generate 50% more sales at a 33% lower cost per lead!

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Intern in Life

Cheyenne discusses a book she is reading, “The Third Door: The Wild Quest to Uncover How the World’s Most Successful People Launched Their Careers” by Alex Banayan.

She discusses some nuggets she is getting from this book and why you should always be an intern in life in order to succeed.

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Three Top Functions of the Facebook Pixel

Cheyenne talks about what the 3 functions of the Facebook pixel and what it can do for your business.

These are the 3 functions of the Facebook pixel.
1. Track the people who come to your website.
2. Optimize your campaigns for the best results.
3. Build your warm, most likely to buy, audience.

* I promise to not get too techie. 😬

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